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Online NLP Practitioner Training & Certification

Online NLP Practitioner Training & Certification 
(foundation training + 6 days) 
ABNLP Certification

During our ABNLP Accredited NLP Practitioner Training & Certification you will experience and learn  how to transform your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You'll also learn the coaching skills to help others. You'll improve your emotional intelligence, communication, influencing and transformational coaching skills. You also have the option to add Timeline Therapy (TM) practitioner certification to your training. You'll be learning with award-winning trainers Jess & Nick Reed-Robbins with a combined 30+ years of coaching experience.

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Online NLP Foundation Training


Unlock the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with our comprehensive NLP Foundation Training, available both on-demand and live. This course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to transform your personal and professional life. Dive deep into the principles of NLP and discover how it can revolutionise your approach to communication, goal-setting, and personal development.

Why Choose NLP Foundation Training?

In an ever-changing world, especially with Artificial Intelligence changing the way we all live our lives and do business, it's never been more important to master your human skills. Being able to understand and influence your own mind and the minds of others is a huge advantage in all areas of your life.  Whether you’re looking to enhance your coaching skills, build stronger relationships, achieve your goals effortlessly, or break through limiting beliefs, this foundation training in NLP offers powerful tools to help you succeed.

Online NLP Foundation Training (on-demand or live) 

Course Contents:


Introducing NLP

  • What is NLP?

  • The benefits and applications of NLP.

  • Key coaching skills

  • What makes NLP Coaching so transformational

  • The 6 Principles of Success (the Legs of NLP)


How we process information

  • Emotional Needs

  • Resolving Stress

  • How we process information

  • What makes people resilient

  • Perceptual Filters - how we maintain our model of the world

  • The self-fulfilling prophecy


The secrets of influence

  • The secrets of influence

  • Demonstration of natural rapport building

  • Matching and mirroring

  • Pacing & leading

  • Reading each other's minds

  • The power of holding space

Goals coaching and achieving the impossible

  • Goals vs outcomes

  • Setting outcomes in alignment with the subconscious mind

  • Identifying and removing psychological obstacles and limiting beliefs

  • Programming your outcomes into your future


NLP Practitioner Training Overview

The NLP Practitioner Training is the ultimate programme in emotional intelligence, communication, influencing and transformational coaching skills. Once you have completed the Foundation Training, either On-Demand or Live, you are ready to progress to the Practitioner Certification. 

You will learn:

  • What makes people think, feel and behave at a deeper level than ever before.  

  • A life changing set of skills, techniques and coaching processes

  • How to transform disempowering thoughts, feelings and behaviours into empowering ones.

  • How to do this for yourself and others either in coaching, training or just conversation.

On successful completion of the course, you are an ABNLP Certified NLP Practitioner, allowing you to coach others and teach the concepts you've learned to others. 
Passing criteria: You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the coaching techniques and your assimilation of the NLP principles. 

Time Investment:

  • Free Foundation Training (either 2 days virtual or on-demand training)

  • 6-days classroom live and online. 

  • 10am to 5pm daily. (1hr for lunch at 1pm, morning and afternoon breaks)

  • Usually over two long weekends (Friday to Sunday). 

Course Investment:



  • Classroom training and materials.

  • Weekly online practise sessions (currently 2 x a month)

  • WhatsApp community support

  • Guaranteed unlimited course repeats!

  • Framed certificate (on successful graduation)

NLP Timeline Therapy Certification (included)

If you'd like to gain a certification in Timeline Therapy (TM) at practitioner level,  you can add this certification to your training for just £199. 

Included in the price is: 

  • Full Timeline Therapy Materials.

  • An additional 2 hour virtual assessment of your practical skills.

Course Contents

• The structure of experience – how are brains really process the world.

• Representational systems (learning styles) Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic & Auditory Digital. 

• Recognising and working with preferred representational systems.

• Changing our thoughts and feelings by influencing these internal representations.

• Emotional basic human needs - love, certainty and significance and their role in mental health, drive, motivation, engagement, relationships and happiness.

• NLP Presuppositions - helpful beliefs to have about people in order to get the best from them.

• NLP Coaching Process: Anchoring - Being able to access any positive resourceful state anytime, anywhere.

• NLP Coaching Process: Collapse Anchors - being able to neutralise any negative association with anything in your life, such as fear of presenting, discord in relationships etc. 

• The effect of Labels. The Pygmalion effect and the negative effects of labelling people.

• NLP Coaching Process: Re-labelling: How to transform relationships by relabelling people we are in conflict with.

• NLP Coaching Process: Perceptual positions - being able to transform relationships and conflicts, by seeing situations through another’s perspective

• Language: Learning to speak at various levels of abstraction. Similar to Myers Briggs description of “Sensor” or “Intuitor”, some people prefer the big picture versus detail.

• Language: Learning to ask the right questions to elicit specific and helpful information. 

• Language: Learning to speak in order to inspire, influence and transform people.

• Reframing - the skill of being able to look at a situation from any angle and help persuade people to see things differently. 

• NLP Coaching Process:  Parts integration - the ability to resolve inner conflict for yourself as well as negotiate with others. 

• NLP Coaching Process: Time line techniques: the ability to resolve negative emotions on patterns in your life and breakthrough huge obstacles in your own life.

Some of the Benefits of our NLP Practitioner Training

  • Transformational Coaching skills - you can help people change how they think, feel and behave. 

  • Improved ability to communicate, influence, persuade and deal with conflict.

  • Improved ability to identify root causes and find solutions to people-related problems within the organisation.  

  • Resolution of your personal challenges during the course.

  • Improved relationships and rapport as well as resolving problems in relationships and helping others to do the same. 

  • Improved confidence, empowerment and self-assurance. 

  • Improved resilience in any situation. 

  • Improved ability to affect one’s own performance and results.

  • Improved ability to motivate people and engage them.

  • Positive, more optimistic mindset

  • Able to resolve challenges more quickly for self and others. 

  • Sets higher outcomes for self and others.

  • As a trainer, better attuned to needs of your students helping them grow personally and professionally.

  • As a training designer, you’re more able to elicit the underlying needs of the student, ensuring your training is effective.


Join an Award-Winning Academy

Jessica & Nick Reed-Robbins are award-winning NLP Trainers, coaches, speakers and experts in  performance psychology, best known for helping people overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in order to achieve the impossible.  We help empower people to be the greatest versions of themselves so they can live the life they deserve.  We've been transforming individuals and organisations all over the world, for almost 20 years. We live and love what we do! 


What Our Students Say

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