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Jessica & Nick

Jess began her coaching journey in 2004 after discovering the transformative power of NLP, which revolutionized her life.
Growing up with a crippling fear of public speaking, Jess used NLP techniques to overcome this challenge and embarked on a mission to coach and train others.
Her exceptional skills quickly made her a sought-after coach, the best-kept secret of many high-profile individuals and couples.

In 2010, Jess met Nick when he sought a cure for a debilitating 20-year sleep issue. After experiencing an incredible breakthrough, Nick pursued a career in NLP and became a sports performance coach. In 2016, he qualified as an NLP Trainer and joined Jess in the NLP Breakthrough Academy. ​Jess and Nick have traveled the world, training people in NLP and performance psychology.

They married in Italy in 2017, welcomed their son Rocky in late 2018, and their daughter River in the summer of 2023.
With the start of their family, Jess and Nick restructured their business to ensure one of them could always be home with the children, working part-time to balance their passion for coaching with family time.


During the pandemic lockdowns, Nick and Jess offered free courses, coaching, and webinars to help people cope with uncertainty and mental health challenges. Their efforts earned them an ANLP Award in 2022 for their contributions.

At the end of 2022, they moved to rural North Devon to live their dream of raising children in the wilderness, creating a sanctuary of peace and quiet.
Future plans include running retreats and courses on-site in Devon, sharing their slice of heaven with as many people as possible.

The Sanctuary at Old Barn

We are based in the beautiful countryside of rural north Devon, UK. 

We moved into our dream home in 2022 so that we could live a more outdoor lifestyle and be closer to nature. Our two children spend every day outside, covered in mud and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

We have 11 cheeky chickens and Dexter the cat. 

Our peaceful home makes the perfect retreat for outdoor coaching. With views of Dartmoor, fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and plums growing in the garden and your choice of quiet spots to sit and reflect, it's easy to find sanctuary here. 

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