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Become a World-Class NLP Breakthrough Coach

Online NLP Master Practitioner Training
(practitioner + 15 days) 
ABNLP & INLPTA Certification.

An amazing 15-day intensive training via Zoom, designed to take your NLP and breakthrough coaching skills to a world-class level.  Guided skilfully by your NLP Master Trainer Jessica Reed-Robbins, you'll be mastering the forces that help us be, do and have anything we want in life as well, whilst working towards your own personal goals and dreams. 

You will learn how to guide your clients through deep personal transformations, and to elicit and reconstruct your values, beliefs and behaviours to support your life's goals and dreams. You'll learn how to identify and breakthrough the obstacles in the way of who you want to become.
Our master practitioner training is more than just a coaching qualification, it's a powerfully profound and life-changing experience. 

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NLP Master Practitioner Training Overview

The NLP Master Practitioner Training is the ultimate breakthrough coaching training programme, designed to take your transformational coaching skills to a level of mastery that is world-class!

A Few Benefits of the Master Practitioner:

  • A deeper understanding of the methods, tools, techniques and principles learned at practitioner level.  

  • Deeper and more profound coaching interventions to create rapid breakthroughs with your clients. 

  • How to find the deepest, hidden core beliefs holding you back in all areas of your life and transform them. 

  • How to use language and questions in a way that changes the way you think and to dissolve problems in conversation. 

  • How to break down behaviours into functions, hone them, rewire them or redirect them. 

  • Uncover the hidden programs you use subconsciously to make decisions, fall in love, motivate yourself, feel confident and well... everything!

  • You'll write your destiny into your subconscious, become more of who you want to be, remove the obstacles in the way and construct a supportive values and belief system to help you achieve it effortlessly. 

Continual assessment of skills and professional level demonstration of the presuppositions of NLP
Verbal and written set of questions to check understanding. 
On successful completion of the course, you will become an ABNLP & INLPTA Certified NLP Master Practitioner, allowing you to coach others and teach the concepts you've learned to others. Please note: In order to be able to certify people in NLP you would need to complete a recognised NLP Trainers Training as well as your NLP Master Practitioner Training. 

Time Investment:

  • Pre-requisite: Free Foundation Training (either 2 days virtual or on-demand training)

  • Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner Training (From a recognised NLP awarding body)

  • 15 - days classroom live and online. 

  • 10am to 6pm daily. (1hr for lunch at 1pm, morning and afternoon breaks)

  • Usually in 4-day blocks over 4 x long weekends. Start to finish is usually 3 months. 



  • INLPTA NLP Master Trainer Jessica Reed-Robbins. She has over 20 years experience in coaching NLP and using NLP in motivational speaking, breakthrough coaching and leadership and management training. 

Course Investment:

Payment plans available from £50 per month. 


  • 15 days of classroom training online

  • 200 page manual

  • SuperPowerSchool Audio Programme on mp3

  • Framed INLPTA & ABNLP Certificates (on passing).

  • ABH Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification (on passing).

  • An introduction to EFT.

  • An introduction to the use of NLP to diagnose and heal the emotional root causes of illness and disease.

  • Ongoing weekly group mentoring and practice sessions via zoom.

  • WhatsApp community support for Master Practitioners.

  • Guaranteed unlimited course repeats!

NLP Timeline Therapy Certification (Optional)

If you didn't gain your Timeline Therapy (TIM) practitioner certification during your NLP Practitioner Training, you can add this certification to your training for just £199. 

Included in the price is: 

  • Full Timeline Therapy Materials.

  • An additional 2 hour virtual assessment of your practical skills.

Course Contents

Our NLP Master Practitioner course is designed to elevate your NLP expertise to the highest level, empowering you with advanced skills and transformative techniques. Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn:

Module 1: Mastery of Language

  • Advanced NLP Techniques: Refresh and deepen your understanding of NLP with a focus on the underlying forces that drive these powerful techniques.

  • Quantum Linguistics: Master advanced language patterns, including levels of abstraction, presuppositions, and directionalised language, to influence and transform thought processes.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Explore the intricate link between mind and body, and learn to create both remedial and generative change.

  • Complex Linguistic Patterns: Learn sophisticated language patterns such as the Linguistic Decision Destroyer, chaining modal operators, and Sleight of Mouth for ultimate transformative impact.

Module 2: Breakthrough Coaching 

  • Core Beliefs: Discover and elicit the core beliefs and values that shape our lives

  • Values: Learn how to elicit our hierarchy of values, that dictate our energy and decisions in life. Resolve conflicts and problematic values, and create new empowering value hierarchies.

  • Breakthrough Coaching: Engage in advanced coaching techniques for deep and rapid transformation

  • German New Medicine principles with NLP for holistic healing and growth.

Module 3: Transformational Programming

  • Behavioural Strategies: Learn to elicit, disrupt, and redesign the programming that governs behaviour using the TOTE Model and other strategy-based techniques.

  • Advanced Modelling: Master both imitative and cognitive modelling to replicate excellence in yourself and others.

  • ABH Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification: Utilise hypnotic embedding to create your new values systems and program future goals and outcomes, ensuring lasting transformation.

By the end of this course, you will have achieved mastery in NLP, equipped with advanced skills to create profound changes in yourself and your clients. Celebrate your journey and accomplishments with a Graduation Ceremony, marking your transformation into an NLP Master Practitioner.

NLP Master Practitioner Syllabus

Module 1: Set your NLP Master Practitioner outcomes

  • Refresh your NLP skills and deepen your understanding of the underlying forces that make them work

  • Quantum linguistics and advanced language patterns.

  • Levels of abstraction, presuppositions and directionalised language

  • Mind body connection

  • Remedial versus generative change

  • Inductive and deductive patterns to blow the boundaries surrounding a problem and holding you back from the solution

  • Spacial and temporal prepositions to change internal representations

  • Linguistic decision destroyer

  • Chaining modal operators

  • Meta model III

  • Non-mirror image reverse inductive language patterns.

  • De-identification language pattern

  • Sleight of mouth language patterns – ultimate transformative linguistics

Module 2: Breakthrough Coaching - Creating Profound Shifts For You and Your Clients

  • Meta-programmes

  • Prime concerns and primary questions - hidden core beliefs that dictate our lives

  • Eliciting your hierarchy of values and  identifying towards or away values. 

  • Eliciting the beliefs underpinning those values

  • Resolving values conflicts and away-from or problematic values - with  breakthrough techniques

  • Creating a new values hierarchy and empowering rules to live by in order to reshape your destiny

  • Advanced breakthrough coaching techniques for deep and rapid transformation.

  • Introduction to German New Medicine in conjunction with NLP

  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique and patterns to use with NLP

Module 3: Eliciting and changing the programming that shapes all our behaviours

  • Logical levels of therapy for disrupting strategies

  • Eliciting strategies

  • TOTE Model and utilising your client’s strategies to aid transformation

  • Embedded commands

  • Strategy design and installation

  • Chaining anchors

  • Modelling - imitative and cognitive modelling

  • Hypnotic embedding of new values system and programming of future goals and outcomes

  • Graduation Ceremony and celebration of your mastery of NLP!


Join an Award-Winning Academy

Jessica & Nick Reed-Robbins are award-winning NLP Trainers, coaches, speakers and experts in  performance psychology, best known for helping people overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in order to achieve the impossible.  We help empower people to be the greatest versions of themselves so they can live the life they deserve.  We've been transforming individuals and organisations all over the world, for almost 20 years. We live and love what we do! 


What Our Students Say

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