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One to One Breakthrough Coaching


NLP Master Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Relationship Breakthrough Coach.

As your breakthrough coach, Jessica will help you pinpoint what you really want and overcome any barrier in the way. Her style is “mission impossible”  so if you have huge goals or huge challenges to overcome, she’ll help you get you there. She won't quit and she'll always believe in you. She works fast though, so if you’re ready to dig deep and make a change... Buckle up!

Jessica has 20 years of experience coaching Entrepreneurs, C-Suite, Athletes, High Profile Individuals. She specialises in recreating all  types of relationships, from marriage to management.


NLP Trainer, Sports Performance coach & Team Facilitator.

Nick is known as the Last Resort Coach, as he's guy everyone wants and needs in a crisis! He will be your right hand man in a high stakes situation where you need to turn performance around fast!

He has a warm heart, combined with enormous skill, and an ability to get results and reach people, where other coaches have failed.

He sees the greatest potential in everyone he meets. Whatever your situation, Nick will work with you to achieve the greatness you’re capable of!

Nick has over a decade of experience coaching high performing individuals, such as athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs. 



Free Discovery Session 45mins

Get started with a tangible experience of what breakthrough coaching could do for you.

Start your coaching journey with a free 45 minute discovery session online with Jess or Nick. 

Talk to us about anything and let us know at the start of the session whether you're interviewing for a coach or whether it's a stand alone session. This way we can tailor the session to get you the best outcome. 

There is no obligation to have further coaching though and we are very happy to provide you with some free resources to help you achieve your goals by yourself. If you know who you'd like to work with you can use the personal links above, or let us know when you book below. 

What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Breakthrough Coaching is a rapid and intense one-to-one coaching programme designed to help you be, do and have whatever you want as quickly as possible.

Working one to one with your coach, you decide on your outcomes and then explore and overcome the challenges and obstacles standing between you and your dreams.

We aim to make the process as fast and effective as possible.

How is Breakthrough Coaching Different to other styles of  coaching?

Breakthrough coaching is designed to help you achieve goals or overcome challenges that would be far beyond the scope of standard coaching. It's perfect for creating deep, rapid, and lasting changes.

Deep Subconscious Work: 

Unlike traditional coaching, which often focuses on conscious goal-setting and problem-solving, Breakthrough Coaching delves into the subconscious mind. It addresses the root causes of limiting beliefs and behaviours, enabling profound personal transformation.

Rapid Transformation:

Breakthrough Coaching is designed for fast results. Using powerful techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychotherapeutic methods, clients experience significant shifts in a relatively short amount of time.

Holistic Approach:

This coaching style considers the whole person, integrating emotional, mental, and behavioural aspects. It ensures that changes are comprehensive and aligned across all areas of a client’s life.

Sustainable Change:

The goal of Breakthrough Coaching is not just to achieve immediate improvements but to create lasting change. By transforming deep-seated patterns, clients can maintain their new perspectives and behaviours long after the coaching sessions end.


If you’re in need of a deep and profound shift, then breakthrough coaching is for you.

How Do We Work? 

Free 45 minute discovery session:

We will start with a free 45 minute discovery session via Zoom, where you'll discuss your goals and outcomes with Jess or Nick along with the root causes of the challenges you're experiencing. If you're not sure who you'd like to work with, email us with an idea of what you want to work on and we'll suggest who will be the best fit for you. 

Estimate number of sessions
If breakthrough coaching is right for you, you'll make a plan with your coach and discuss how many sessions you might need and how fast you want to work. You and your coach will discuss the best options for you. 


If you want to go fast: 

Some clients choose to have an intensive few of days with us in person at our rural sanctuary in North Devon or via Zoom. Nick will also travel to you for high-stakes situations, such as tournaments, competitions etc. 


If you want to go slower:

You can opt for a series of 2-hour sessions spread out over a number of days, weeks or months. Usually these will be via Zoom. 

Pay-as-you-go or Package: 
If you prefer to keep things flexible, you can book sessions as and when you would like, or you can book a package. 
Packages include a number of hours of coaching, plus email and phone support. The hourly rate tends to be lower for package bookings and the email support is included.  

Is Breakthrough Coaching Right for You?

  • Do you want to achieve goals faster and without the resistance?

  • Is there one outcome that has eluded you despite multiple attempts?

  • Do you want to remove the limitations that are holding you back?

  • Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety and increase joy and abundance?

  • Do you want to overcome a difficult situation you feel stuck in?

  • Are you frustrated in an area of life such as: 
    relationships, sports, career progression, leadership, financial abundance, or emotions?

  • Are you ready for a breakthrough and are you ready to get stuck in?

If you've answered yes, to any of these questions, book your discovery call now!

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