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Business Mastery Programme for Coaches

The coaching business mastery programme, consists of 12 weekly modules, which guide you step by step in setting up your successful coaching business. 
From helping you discover your magical elixir, your niche, and your vision, to creating your sales funnel, lead magnet, authentic marketing strategy and honing your conversational sales skills.  And of course along the way you'll be identifying and breaking through your limiting beliefs! You'll also be using AI every step of the way to ensure you're keeping up with the latest in cutting edge methods. 

The 12-week live group coaching programme includes the On-Demand digital version of the programme, which you can access via our very own course App.  Whatever your learning style, there's an option to suit you. 

Business Mastery Programme For Coaches

Whatever level of coach you are, if you're keen to build a successful coaching business, it can be daunting to go it alone!

She knows what it's like to start a business from scratch and make it successful. Jess has poured two decades of experience into developing a comprehensive on-demand digital training and group coaching program. She will guide you every step of the way and provide you with the tools and strategies to create a thriving coaching practice whatever your starting point, background or experience. 

Confident Coach

Business Mastery Programme For Coaches

Do You Need This Programme?

Sales Will Make or Break Your Business


The greatest challenge when running your coaching business is consistently attracting clients. Even with solid business administration and coaching skills, many coaches struggle with irregular client flow, leading to unpredictable income. Traditional client acquisition methods like cold-calling or aggressive marketing can feel inauthentic and exhausting. You got into this business because you wanted to serve...not hustle, am I right?

What's needed is a reliable, soulful approach to building a steady stream of clients, in a way thats joyful and aligned with your goals and values.
It's a lot easier to do this when you know what lifestyle you want to create for yourself, what kind of coach you want to be, who you want to work with and how you want to reach those people. You also need to know what you're selling and how much to charge for it.


A big hurdle for coaches is the notion of selling!

Bombarding your social media is probably a constant stream of American-style, hard-nosed sales strategy, promising £10k months in return for a lot of hustle. Whilst £10k months (and a lot more!) should be your expectation, these styles tend to be completely incongruent for most coaches. Focused purely on money, they forget that we became coaches so we could coach, not hustle or post endlessly on social media! When I look back at my career, it's not the abundance of money I remember, though that's been very nice! It's the lives I've changed, the results my client's have achieved and the fun I've had working all over the world. Your career should be the focus and the abundance of money should be taken for granted in the background. 


To avoid the hustle mentality, my approach has always been to reframe sales, so that instead of seeing people as "prospects" you think of yourself as the cavalry and that you're there to serve, not sell! We just have to find the people who we can serve and ensure that we create a relationship of value with them. We will help them move along a pathway from stranger to client, where they are in control and love every stage.

Why Work With Jess Reed-Robbins?

Jess created her dream coaching career!

Firstly, I've had to learn everything from the ground up so you know I'll be in your corner because I know what it's like to start at the beginning and wish someone would help! I also know what a joyful and amazing career lies ahead of you!

In 2004, I transitioned from a secure corporate job to a self-employed coach, starting from ground zero. I grappled with the realities of building a business from scratch — no money, no mentorship, no clue how to get clients, and the daunting task of selling my services. I remember the days when even asking for payment felt impossible. But, armed with a relentless passion for coaching, a trial-and-error learning style and the transformative power of NLP, I overcame these obstacles, one step at a time.
Through my passion and boundless enthusiasm, with a frequent flex of the f***-it-just-do-it muscle, I have had the most fantastically exciting and successful career. I've worked in many different countries, met incredible people, coached high profile people, celebrities and athletes, recorded a TV pilot, been part of a documentary, made enough money to live where I want to live and work as often as I like.

And I'm not anywhere near done yet... I feel like I'm just getting started and there are so many more adventures to have! All made possible by coaching.

Secondly, I will cut through the bullshit... there are lots of things I will teach you about running a business joyfully, but there are predominantly two things you NEED in order to be successful. ONE is a bullet proof method that attracts the right number of clients to you and TWO is consistent removal of your limiting beliefs!


Now, I'm here to guide you on your journey of growth and success through the "Coaching Business Mastery" program. You will have access to all my success strategies without the painful lessons I had to endure, paying for expensive business coaches, getting lost down YouTube rabbit-holes and above all, you won’t have to do it alone!

Jessica Reed-Robbins
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The Proximity Pyramid ™

Creating a Steady Stream of Clients with the Proximity Pyramid ™

Join award-winning NLP Master Trainer and Breakthrough Coach, Jess Reed-Robbins as she demonstrates how to use the Proximity Pyramid ™ to service all types of clients, so you can keep your coaching rates at premium level. She will show you how to create a sales funnel that brings you joy AND a steady stream of clients. 
Allowing you to get on with what you love doing, which is coaching! NOT marketing!

We won the ANLP Award in 2022

Join an Award-Winning Academy

Jessica & Nick Reed-Robbins are award-winning NLP Trainers, coaches, speakers and experts in  performance psychology, best known for helping people overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in order to achieve the impossible.  We help empower people to be the greatest versions of themselves so they can live the life they deserve.  We've been transforming individuals and organisations all over the world, for almost 20 years. We live and love what we do! 

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